Who am I?

I am an illustrator/designer currently residing in Albuquerque New Mexico. I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design and attained a BFA in illustration. Recently I have been involved in the production of films such as Terminator Salvation and The Spy Next Door.

I am currently available for:
-Speaking Engagements
-Art Shows
-Live Paintings
-Film/Television/Game Production


I grew up near a small town on the eastern side of Ohio named Steubenville. It's a nice place but there is not much going on. This resulted in my imagination going crazy just to make life a bit more exciting. Thanks to some support from the family I started drawing at a very young age. I began drawing things like guerilla bunnies and vegetables with personalities. Sometime around high school I began to gain an interest in underground vinyl toys and urban art, especially those revolving around stuckism. Needless to say I like weird imagery.

What do I do?

I create ideas. I work traditionally as well as digitally, 2D as well as 3D. My favorites are ink/digital work and creating toys, but I also enjoy oil paint, charcoal, and watercolor almost as much. I use many other medias as well because I try not to limit myself since I enjoy mixing medias so much. I take the same approach to illustration/design. As long as I get to make something, I'm there.